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2 Pens & Lint is a limited liability company founded by Christopher K.P. Brown and Henry Duncan in January of 2009. Currently, we print and promote chapbooks for poets. We also run an e-newsletter, The Seed, which focuses on issues relevant to those in the African-American community. The Seed is complimented by our Facebook page which provides further commentary on issues presented in the e-newsletter.


In January of 2011 we launched a new website, Poetry247.com, that features a complete list of spoken word events occurring in Philadelphia, D.C., and Baltimore. The site will soon expand to a few more cities on the east coast. Poetry247 also follows five of the best spoken word poets in the nation.


2 Pens & Lint strives to create an atmosphere where poets can build and maintain financial stability through the art of poetry while simultaneously using their poetry as a catalyst for change in their communities and broader society.

-We believe that quality and morals should never be sacrificed for the attainment of fame, fortune, or other superficial gains.


-We value the art of poetry and believe that poets should be compensated for the time, dedication, and other resources that they put towards creating and producing quality work.


-We believe that in order to succeed in America we must invest in our own youth, our own businesses, and our own communities. This belief can be summed up in a few words: (WE)alth starts with we.



Contact Christopher K.P. Brown at:     KP@twopensandlint.com

Contact Henry Duncan at:                     Henry@twopensandlint.com




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