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This Is No Whisper


Delores Almond 


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Delores Almond is a native of Detroit, Michigan, who currently resides in Virginia. She placed first place in the Political Poet Amateur competition in 2014 for " Broken" and went on to claim fourth place for "Hood Lies" in 2015. Her love for creative writing and poetry has been a lifelong venture involving current social issues and life experiences. Her work can also be seen online at Brown Girl Collective and The Brother. She continues to write as a way to inform and educate the public on social issues.











Poems Included in This Is No Whisper:


Angel Kiss


Covert Operations-The Takedown


Featherbed Dreams

He Wanted to Know

Hood Lies

I Am America Too

I Took A Walk

I've Moved On

Invisible To Some

Interrupted History

It Affects Us All

Let Me Be -The Root Of The Problem

My Inner Child

Original Woman

Pilgrims, Prisoners, Pimps And Prostitutes

Protect The Queen

Richter Scale 6.2

The Battle The War

The Stain In The Snow



Who Will - Daddy Issues







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