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Put Your Mind On Pause


Michael Connor aka North Philly'S Finest


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Michael Connor aka North Philly's Finest was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. One of four children, Connor attended Olney High School. He began writing at the age of 14 years old as a hip hop artist.

His poetry is highly influenced by the works of Langston Hughes, Sonia Sanchez, Amiri Baraka, The Last Poets, and Gwendolyn Brooks. Connor's work is also influenced by the writings of Richard Wright and James Baldwin who captured the Black male experience from two very intriguing viewpoints which still reflect the injustices being placed upon Black men today such as the tragic deaths of Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin. He feels that the relevance of what happened during the time of Wright and Baldwin is more intense now due partially to our ability to view these injustices on video.


Regarding the goals for his poetry, Connor's desire is to uplift rather than degrade. He feels that he can accomplish this through the power of Christ Jesus who guides him. He works to use poetry as a catalyst for change in the world around him as those in his community deal with issues of drug addiction, sex abuse, police brutality, racism, poverty, love, and hatred. He'd like for all of his readers to know that they should put their trust in Jesus with all of their heart and soul and He will strengthen your heart because troubles don't last always.









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