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The Tongue Is A Weapon


D'Lara Scott


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D'Lara Scott was born and raised in Norristown, Pennsylvania where she graduated from Norristown High School. One of three siblings, she began writing poetry consistently while in middle school where she would write songs. Her song writing slowly transitioned into writing spoken word poetry.

The Tongue Is A Weapon is her first chapbook. It was written with her complete personal emotion and thought from things that she has experienced, witnessed, and felt. Her goal with this chapbook is also to inform her readers a bit about sex trafficking. There is a poem included in the chapbook that tells the life of a girl that was a part of trafficking and how that led to her to prostituting herself for a living.

Scott plans to release a chapbook twice a year along with a CD. When asked about her goals regarding poetry she stated: “I want to be well known in the tri-state area by the time I am 23 years old, and then soon worldwide. My goal is to spread the importance of music and poetry to people. I want to spread love, truth, and understanding through all of my work. I believe people hold the power of life and death in their tongue, and I want to be an example of that. My goal is to speak for those that are not being heard, the people that are overlooked by the world or looked down upon such as the homeless, sex trafficked, human trafficked, prostitutes, or live in third world countries. I am majoring in communications so I want to take the skills I have learned in school to bring awareness to the "invisible people" using the arts.









Poems Included in The Tongue Is A Weapon:








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