Will Love & Love Will


Ezra K. Richards


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Ezra K. Richards, a native Trinidadian based in New York City is a published Spoken Word Artist, Public Speaker, Writer and Song Writer.  As a youth, Ezra pursued professional dancing, acting and modeling.

He switched roles becoming an All-American and Olympic hopeful for the Trinidadian National Track and Field team in 2004. He is an alumni of Georgetown University where he fostered his writing and performance skills while hosting and participating in his curriculum's workshops.  Ezra receives mentoring and training from the likes of 2007 Obie Award Winner Daniel Beaty and Artist Development F.A.C.E Coach Robin Dunn.  He is a member of Christian Cultural Center under the spiritual leadership of Pastor A.R Bernard. Ezra acknowledges the anointing on his gifts and desires to use all of them for kingdom work.








Poems included in Will Love & Love Will:



Exhale; A Locked Sister’s First Breath



Simplicity’s Baby, Purity

Searching for Depth

Friendly Rapport

I Wish I Could

Just A Date

Arms Fore Free

The Fig Tree

I Told Her

Inches Apart

Peaceful Eyes Smile of Truth

This Woman

The Wanderer’s Wife

Shall I Fall

You May Hold These