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Christian “Kyuubi” Warrick was born and raised in the Mantua district of West Philadelphia. He graduated from University City High School and currently attends the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Though he has been writing for most of his life, it wasn't until high school that he began seriously practicing and performing his poetry.


As a kid, I didn't have a lot of friends. A lot was happening that effected me emotionally, and I didn't know how to seek help or outwardly express how I was feeling, so I turned inward and started writing poems to myself”, says Kyuubi. By slamming with PYPM (Philly Youth Poetry Movemen) he realized that even his story to deserved to be heard, and that by speaking about his thoughts and pain he could help someone else out of theirs.


When asked about his name Kyubbi states: Kyuubi no Kitsune,.. it means nine-tailed fox. The Kyuubi is a creature of pride, secrecy, and honor. It stays to itself, but always seeks companionship. It lies, it sins, it does bad things, but it is not evil. It just wants acceptance, it just wants someone who won't see it as some beautiful beast to exploit, or some monstrous creature to fear. It's a lot like me... I'm the Kyuubi. 










Poems Included in Covered In Words:




The Princess Poem

To My Best Friend

We Have To Talk


Dear Firecracker

Songs For Toy Soldiers


An In Depth Guide To Losing Your Sanity

Note To Self








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