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Deitre Lynne Johnson is a gifted poet, prolific writer, conference speaker, bible study facilitator, ordained minister and emerging entrepreneur. She is a collaborating author of Divine Diamonds Ministries’ 2nd facet; This Is Your Set Time: 21 Days of Prophetic Devotions. She has also provided professional services for and been instrumental in the development of the course manuals for the ministries’ Levels I and II online prophetic ministry leadership training. Through her business, Simply Divine Decorating, she designs and creates custom journals, greeting cards and personalized poems and tributes. Creative expression through poetry writing and other mediums fuel her passion as a lover of life, liberator and transformation agent. She is faithfully committed to uplifting people with the power of inspired and impactful words. Deitre resides in North Chesterfield, VA with her husband, Ray.






Poems Included in Inspiration For The Seasons Of Your Soul:


Arise In Your Woman


I Am His Love Song

A New Dimension of Faith

I See Your Heart

In The Middle of a Miracle

Lil Black Child

Out of the Ashes, What Will Remain?

Transcendent Love

True Identity

What's My Rush?

Equipped For Battle, Dressed For War

Express Yourself

Speak Boldly And Hold Not Back

From Glory To Glory

I Ain't

Fasting For A Season of Change

Birthing Seeds

Free Flow

I Choose To Stand


Praise Is (Part 2)

The Color of Love












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