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I.N.X (real name James Church) was born and raised on the north side of Wilmington, DE in 1991. Growing up in a all woman household I.N.X was always encouraged to share his emotions and express himself. Starting out as an artist, spending most of his time drawing and creating comic books, I.N.X always felt a connection to art and artistic expression. At age 11 he found a new hobby in freestyling and at age 13 he found a love for writing poetry due to a mandatory poetry assignment in his 8th grade english class. From there he would continue writing poetry up until his senior year of high school where he began to take rap more seriously after spending some time in the studio with current PS Movement group member O2. Now I.N.X puts his heart into creating music and poetry that will inspire individuality, independence, and progression in all those who read and listen. From now until his last days he hopes to become an influential force in the movement and progression of his people and culture.









Poems Included in I AM POET:


Welcome To The Neighborhood

Building Blocks

North Side

Nuclear Family

Building Schools In Africa


Broken Dream Boulevard

Monday Mornings

Gold Plated Jesus

Can't Buy A Vowel

The Flood

Porch Monkey


Left On Love Lane


Work Ethic

Saturday Night Tastes Like

Poetry Sex


Epilogue – Royalty







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