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La Diva Noire Speaks


Tiffani Dean


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Tiffani Dean other wise known as La Diva Noire, is a staple in the Philadelphia poetry scene. Blending song, poetry and a memorable style she offers her own twist to written and spoken word that is truly her's alone. She has been performing at open mics and features dating back to mid 90's ranging from the annual Art Sanctuary Celebration of Black Writers to The Peoples Art & Jazz Festival and most recently Verses at the renowned Nuyorican Poets Cafe just to name a few. She has also hosted event going back almost as far. She was the host of The REC on Germantown Radio which pioneered the internet radio scene during it's beginning roots. The show featured up and coming independent artist and poets across the city and beyond. She also has hosted several open mic venues such as Word for Word at the former Art Noir Gallery, Poetry In Motion at the Vendor's Boutique and The Sauna Erotic Poetry Open Mic at LaRose Jazz Club. She is also the current co-host and co-founder of The Collective Mic All Artist Open Mic.

Tiffani Dean is also the Co-founder of Family Poetry Collective which is a group who's mission is to support and encourage artist to grow and be the best artist they can be. They emphasize pushing beyond stereotypes, networking, education and total artist development.


Aside from all of this she can also boast that she is a mother of four, a visual artist in her own right as well as a fashion designer and a up and coming play-write.









Poems Included in La Diva Noire Speaks:




Keeping It Real
Yup Sure Am
There I Go Dreaming Again
That Kiss
The Real Divanette
Mental Exploration
A Poem For Travon
Big Poppa
Call Me Selfish
More Black Than Me
It Is What It Is
The Okie Doke
Ghetto Love

Oh Well
A Tanka That I Like
Inner Self
Funny How Relationships Work
Ex Daddy's Girl
Third Grade, A Tetractys Tale
Florida Tears
A Knights Tale
Yea Right
Black Widow Divanette
Verbal Tryst
Haiku Of Longing
Blind Love
Yet Another Kiss
I Miss You, a Hip Hop Divanette
Roll Call
Real Talk
For Real Though
It Ain't Fair
Night Play
The New Slavery
Sometimes I Dream
The Depth Of Life







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