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Eric McCain


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Love at first sight is a very true expression, but in my case it was more like love at first read. I was introduced to poetry in 7th grade via Langston Hughes and fell in love upon reading his poem “I’ve Known Rivers.” I’ve always had an appreciation for words and a knack to put them together in interesting ways. Coming from a small very close knit immediate family made my words loving & thought provoking, and growing up on the streets of Coatesville, PA gave them an unforgiving edge. I write first & foremost for my sanity, getting my thoughts and feelings on paper helps relieve stress. I write to heal, because I believe there is power in the written & spoken word. I also write to inspire myself and others to express themselves in any way they see fit. With this being my first collection of poetry published please know there is so much more to come, stay tuned. #ScribeCity










Poems Included in COMPLEXIONS:



Diction *cerebral, verbose*

(describing a moment @ cobblestone Dr.)


Complexion 2

Brotha 2 Da Nyght *reflective, dark, religious, political*

Dear God


Complexion 3

Pure Titan *arrogant, narcissistic, confidant, outspoken*


Complexion 4

Syne *erotic, sensual*







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