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The Diary of a Fuckgirl 




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Nayomi is a budding poet, who writes works loosely based upon her own life. She hopes to use poetry as a societal platform for issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse- which she is an advocate for. She hopes to use her poetry as a means to free souls and is looking to turn artistry into a full-time career.










Poems Included in The Diary of a Fuckgirl:


The Diary of a Fuckgirl




Grapevine Pt. 2

Good Grief

The Hard Times of Marlon D. Pointer

The Hard Times of Marlon D. Pointer Vol. II

The Fall of Marlon D. Pointer

SMC (Sunday Morning Christian)

The Boy Who Fucked

Someone Else

The Girl Who Fucked None, Nobody At All

Helen Keller


Tommy Boy

Marvin's Rooom

Jimmy Boy

Jimmy Boy – Part II

Jesus Called Me Collect Last Nite

I Like Fuckboys





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