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The Unspoken Truth


Angelica Lorine Owens


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Angelica Lorine Owens, born and raised in the city of Philadelphia, will be graduating from Science Leadership Academy in 2016. She began writing poetry in the seventh grade, after going through a really dark time in her life, as a way to get away from the world and release her feelings. Since then she has had the vision of publishing her own book of poetry which has come to fruition with the publication of this chapbook, The Unspoken Truth. Influenced by the life and work of Maya Angelou, Angelica's goal is to inspire others with her words and to bring awareness to topics that are rarely discussed in our society.






Poems Included in The Unspoken Truth:



Mental Note

Twins Is More Than DNA

Dear Old Me

You Miss Me

Light Skin Vs. Dark Skin


27 Bullets

They Didn’t Ask To Be This Way

A Little Bundle of Joy

A Grandmother's Love

For my Best Friend


The Beauty Inside You

Every Time I Speak







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