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A Randon Emotion


Ashley Symone' White


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ASHLEY WHITE was born in Washington, DC on July 7th, 1992. Having experienced a variety of hardships at an early age, she made the decision to devote time each day to penning her thoughts and innermost feelings, and making an effort to understand them completely. At the age of 7, she began turning her journal entries into poetry, and as she observed her writings, she recognized that each poem proved to be nothing more than an elaboration of a random thought, feeling, or emotion. She began to see that she had no control over her feelings, or her response to them. This analysis proved to be the inspiration of her poetry collection entitled, A Random Emotion, a journey through the mind of the author, exploring the basic outline of her out of sequence train of thought, and extreme feelings. She uses her poetry as a way to channel and manage her feelings, as an explanation for extreme emotions, and as a way to connect with those who have experienced similar emotional turmoil.








Poems Included in A Random Emotion:









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